Re: [Ekiga-list] Using Ekiga in a company.

On 29/03/11 11:52, Pongsate Tangseng wrote:
I'm developing Ekiga 3.2.6 to have secure video conference system by
apply some encryption/decryption algorithm on content part of SIP
I'm only an intern in a research center that may block or close the
ports. I found the way to use Ekiga behind router by forward port that
used by Ekiga to my computer and, because that's my router, I can
freely config it.
But this time I'm working in a research center, I can't ask the
network division of my research center to forward the port like that
if I not sure I really need it. What should I do? Does I have any

Please use 3.2.7.

Also, for my part, all the information I know is found at


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