Re: [Ekiga-list] Transparent rendering and plugins

On 23/03/11 13:37, Philipp Simmler wrote:
Hi guys,
I am currently trying to find a voip software which allows me to use video
telephony. I wrote a small application in c++ using opengl to display
content, this content should now be transported to an other place. Thus i
would like to,
1) write a plugin in this sip client which can transport my videostream
2) the recipients should be able to render parts of the image transparent.

Could you please tell me if ekiga could be used for that purpose?

I do not know, but it does not seem so simple. Maybe someone can give a more precise answer than me.

Maybe using vlc?

Or make your own application for transporting data, and, at the other end, connect data to vlc, which shows it.

Eugen Dedu

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