Re: [Ekiga-list] DTFM RFC2833 not working with Broadvoice platform

On 07/03/11 19:45, Platt, Nicholas wrote:

I've been working with various soft clients and phones and I've chosen
Ekiga because it has been very stable, predictable and very easy to use.
All our Polycom phones register with Broadsoft platform.   We have
tested X-Lite and Ekiga and we found Ekiga to be able to run on more OS
platforms (Windows, MAC, Linux).   The only problem I'm running into is
the DTMF tones using RFC2833.   I was surprised not to see a third
option "In-band DTMF".   Regardless, Broadsoft supports RFC2833 and I've
spent time tracing Ekiga vs. other user agents., line 1241, shows that InBand is available too in opal, hence it is just to enable it in ekiga. I will do it.

For some reason, Ekiga uses a SIP packet instead of RTP.   The registrar
always returns a error message 415 "Unsupported Media".  For the user
agents (phones or soft clients) that were successful, RTP was being used
instead of SIP.   I've included a couple of screenshots and attachments.
Can anyone explain why Ekiga differs from every other user agent when
sending DTMF tones using RFC3833?  Thanks

The sending is done in opal, file src/sip/sipcon.cxx. Please post the same message on <opalvoip-user lists sourceforge net>.


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