[Ekiga-list] Roadmap & pulseaudio

Looking at the roadmap, I see that the pulseaudio plugin is the module
getting the most love, and I thought that I'd put in my 2c worth.

I currently use a multi-user voip application (Ventrilo or Mumble), as
well as somtimes skype... and I'd like to have Ekiga open all the
time... but this is absolutely dependent on the pulseaudio plugin.

Currently if I have another VoIP app open and I do anything with Ekiga
it complains that it cannot open the audio device... realistically, I
think that pulse is the only way to share these devices and I can't
reasonably have a separate headset dedicated to Ekiga... so IMHO,
pulseaudio support is the most important thing that could be developed

I hope it's going well... Ekiga still looks like the best SIP solution
on Linux, but pulse is a big deal IMO.

James Lewis

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