[Ekiga-list] Where to find Ekiga settings folder(s)

Hi everyone, I recently started using Ekiga Ekiga 3.2.7 on Ubuntu
Natty 11.04 (amd64) with an Ekiga CallOut Diamondcard account and I am
so far very satisfied with it. I even decided to use it for all of my
VoIP communication. However, before taking that step, I need to figure
out where Ekiga keeps its settings and where it saves the contact

I recently had to transfer all my files to a new computer and thought
that copying over .gconf/apps/ekiga would do the job. However, after
running Ekiga on the new system for the first time, I found that none
of my data was present. Ekiga came up and presented me with the
configuration wizard, as if I had run it for the first time. Since I
tend to keep a lot (100+) of contacts and phone numbers in my contact
list, being able to back up Ekiga's data is essential for me.

I was hoping that someone more knowledgable than me could give me a
hint on how to back up all of Ekiga's configuration data, so I can
transfer it to my new system. Thanks in advance!

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