Re: [Ekiga-list] FW: not able of talking to anybody in ekiga

On 05/01/11 06:35, stara posta wrote:

Dear all,
without a reason I have lost the sound in Ekiga again.
I tried with a user to communicate and here is the resutl:
I could not hear his voice
I did not see his image
I could read and sent messages in the chat window
I am using pcma pcu and speex
I was  able of being called back by  520 ekiga net but I cannot hear anything
I have opened my ports from 5000-35000 -UDP
I attached my output, where you can see that pakets are beins sent but 0 are being received.

can anybody check my output and suggest what is wrong setted up in my computer, please?

I do not see what the error could be.

Try changing devices in Preferences->Audio->Devices section.

Eugen Dedu

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