Re: [Ekiga-list] Dialing US toll-free numbers

On 11/08/11 16:57, Lars Noodén wrote:
On 8/11/11 5:00 PM, Genghis Khan wrote:
Edit → Preferences → Audio → Codecs: G722, PCMA, PCMU, Speex etc.

As far as I recall, when I had a problem with toll-free numbers
it was with the G722 codec, so I've needed to disable it and to
use PCMA or PCMU.

Same thing with those two (PCMA and PCMU).  The session appears to
connect but there is no sound.

Does sound work with 500 ekiga net from your machine?

When calling toll-free numbers, does PCMU or PCMA show in the bottom-right of ekiga window?

If still does not work, send us the -d 4 output.


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