Re: [Ekiga-list] Problem with Salix OS

On 29/04/11 09:47, Genghis Khan wrote:
2011/03/12 11:06:18.937
  >  3:11.110 DNS SRV Lookup
  > service _sip._udp 2011/03/12 11:06:28.953
  >  3:21.127 SIP No SRV
  >  record found.
  >  You can try verious methods to see the delay:
  >  Do you have a problem with DNS server?
  >  The best solution is to solve your DNS problem, for ex. by changing
  >  your DNS server.
  >  I will also try to make a DNS cache in opal, to avoid such situations.

  I don't know whether I do or don't have any sort of problem with DNS, I
  need to ask the network administrator.

  I have also noticed that if the machine isn't connected to any
  network then the GUI of Ekiga would start after one to three seconds,
  but if the machine is connected to some router (regular network, unlike
  this particular case) then the GUI of Ekiga would start after ten or
  twenty seconds, sometimes you'll need to wait up to ninety seconds,
  which is very unfortunate and gives a bad impression to new users that
  are experiencing this kind of behavior.

  Why does Ekiga waits for a working connection before it starts the GUI
  instead of starting the GUI before it and Ekiga will indicate about
  "searching..." for a working connection in its status-bar?

You are right. The things will go better once the DNS cache will be committed.


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