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On 18/09/10 11:14, elgitanito gmx net wrote:
Hi Folks,

the description of 3 problems in as few words as possible:

PC A: openSUSE 11.2, Ekiga 3.2.6, connected via WLAN to www
PC B: openSUSE 11.1, Ekiga 3.0.1, connected via LAN to www

You mean to Internet, not to www...

Neither A nor B use video functionality.

-Ekiga can be started on A and B without problems
-Both users can connect with Ekiga Server
-Both users can perform the echotest without problems (so, everything should be installed well and should work fine)
-Messaging (chat) can be performed without problems between A and B

PROBLEM 1: When Calling from A to B, both users can hear the ringing-tone, but it is not possible for B to pick up the call from A (the window with the accept or reject option is not presented on B when receiving a call on B). QUESTION 1: How a call can be answered without options-box (as it is shown on A, when B calls A) on Ekiga 3.0.1.

It is not normal that B does not show the call dialog box. Are A and B on the same LAN? If yes, do you use Neighbours tab when calling (better) or do you pass through Otherwise, you need to send us the -d 4 output. Answering automatically a call is called auto-answering, and it is available in the not-yet-released 3.4 series, see

PROBLEM 2 (Main-problem): When calling from B to A, the connection can be established by pushing the accept-button within the message-box, which is presented on A (Ekiga 3.2.6) when receiving a call. But the call works only in one direction: B can hear A speaking, but A can`t hear B speaking. QUESTION 2: What is going wrong here ?

Try removing a few unused codecs on both machines, for ex. all the video codecs. See If still does not help, send us the -d 4 output.

Problem 3: When B connects to Ekiga-Server, A is informed about the presence of B on the net. B does not receive any information about the presence of A on the net. QUESTION 3: Does version 3.0.1 of Ekiga not contain this functionality ?

I looked at NEWS file, there is nothing about that. I do not remember anything about that, so I do not know if there is a problem or not in 3.0.1. Send us the -d 4 output on B. (I am sure that A sends its presence information to

We don`t have any idea where to search for the problem. As the echotests and the messaging works without problems, we do not expect any problems with own hard/soft/ware or server connection.

I think you are right.

Any Ideas ? Thanks a lot in advance and greetings from Germany

And from France :o)


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