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Le vendredi 22 janvier 2010 à 12:30 -0500, anil v a écrit :
Hi All,

  I have installed ekiga on my Ubuntu successfully and configured and bought the CallOut Account from diamond.... . But when I open the Ekiga it is always saying that Ekiga did not manage to configure your network settings automatically. You can still use it, but you need to configure your network settings manually.

Could you please suggest me why I am getting like this and I am observing that from  Edit-->AccountSettings  status as Couldnot register.

But I have followd the configuration setup guide and got username and other details.

Could any one pls suggest me how to make a video call using Ekiga sucessfully.

That means that the STUN test failed or determined that you are behind Symmetric NAT, preventing transparent NAT traversal.
I suggest you to consult our wiki at to understand what the problem is and how to solve the issue.

(Port forwarding will probably be required)
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