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kapetr wrote:
Hello again,

I can not figure oneself, tha Yours modem has "symetric NAT", but all
is possible ...

Try this:

- set the modem to defaults - no port forwarding, no firewall holes,

[if STUN is working <OR> SIP proxy is used, You should do not need them]

- install Twinkle
- get a sip account at

try to call "music" and "echo" with this account

It should work, even if twinkle sends as his RTP contact local IP and
port. [this is workaround - this SIP server ignores RTP contact
send by client a sends audio streem out to that ip/port, from where
it gets streem in (I thing so)]

To call someone else (not on, You have to set STUN server
(e.g. in Your profile settings -> Transport/NAT


set in Your profile settings -> SIP server

If I remember good, then this proxy acts also as RTP proxy and this should
help even in case of "symetric NAT", I thing ...

Try it and report :-)


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Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 21:24:52 +1100
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Subject: Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga on Ubuntu using DSL
302G D-Link modem
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kapetr wrote:
The reason, why You can't communicate with Ekiga
behind Yours D-link
is simple.

I have report this Bug many times in many places.
I have also try to contact the author of Ekiga.
Unfortunately - I have get NO replay anytime !!!

The problem with Ekiga is, IT DO NOT WORK BEHIND
The use of STUN is broken:

Ekiga makes STUN request, but in INVITE (SDP section)
send only discovered
public IP address, but the Port for RTM sends to
the other side as the
local one, not that is reported by STUN replay !!

You can check it in wireshark - see the SIP INVITE
I can NOT understand, how such significant Bug is
ignored by developers
of Ekiga !!! And especially, why have I get no replays
from them :-(
I can recommend You to use other client - Twinkle
works fine.

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Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 05:56:59 -0800 (PST)
From: mat101 <matthews632 netspace net au>
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Subject: [Ekiga-list]  Ekiga on Ubuntu using DSL
D-Link modem
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I have a DSL 302G D-link modem and I've been trying
to get Ekiga voip working
on ubuntu 8.10 without any luck, and I was wondering
whether anyone might be
able to solve this problem.

I have tried setting NAT Rule Entries for various
numbers I thought might
be the fixed ip of my router (tried,,
etc.) and included
the requisite Ekiga ports in the NAT Rule Entries
1720), but still no sound or video.

When I start Ekiga I manage to register my Ekiga
account without a
problem, but I can't communicate with anyone. The
test SIP addresses
that are supposed to playback sounds also don't
for me.
The 'NAT Traversal Method' of my Ekiga installation
is set to STUN, and the
'STUN Server' is set to ''.

Irrespective of the NAT Rule Entries I've used,
Ekiga's druid and
clicking 'Detect NAT Type' always results in the
of a 'Symmetric
NAT' and Ekiga's suggestion to change it to a 'Cone
NAT'. I've never been
able to obtain a Cone NAT.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I attempted to get my router ip number by running
on XP
(another partition on the same computer system)
obtained the following

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix  . :
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Some sites claim the above ipconfig output indicates
my router ip number is
   , and yet other sites claim it is
Some have even
suggested my router ip number should be
This is all very

As I want to use Ekiga with my DSL 302G modem on
I was wondering if
anyone has some valuable advice that would help
get Ekiga working with
this modem on ubuntu.

Thank you.
ekiga-list mailing list
ekiga-list gnome org
Thanks for the detailed information kapetr.

Sorry to read about the lack of response you've had
to your previous

Perhaps someone from the Ekiga team can confirm the
inability of their
program to work with a NAT modem.

Thanks for your suggestion to use twinkle. I tried
to configure this
program previously on ubuntu 8.10, but unfortunately
couldn't get it to
work with this modem.

As I've posted before, I can use sk*pe on ubuntu with
my DSL 302G modem
and all works fine - I can see and hear the person
with whom I'm
communicating. This indicates that any peculiarities
associated with
this modem in relation to voip and NAT can be overcome.
I was hoping
Ekiga might also be able to work with this modem.

Since I prefer not to use sk*pe, and I don't have sufficient

network/modem knowledge to solve my dilemma or delve
into the Ekiga
code, perhaps someone can offer some additional advice.



ekiga-list mailing list
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Hi kapetr,

I now have twinkle working thanks to your suggestions !

I created a sip account with as you recommended, entered these sip details into the various settings of twinkle, dialed the test sip address ' sip:music iptel org ' as commanded, and music then began to play through my system. It's a miracle. I even managed to 'telephone' a buddy with twinkle after he created his own account - sound quality is excellent.

My DSL 302G modem seems to need a 'bridging mode' to work properly - otherwise the outside world is inaccessible. Resetting the modem to default settings as suggested would eliminate the bridging configuration and make the modem unable to contact other computers. So I have twinkle working even though I still have this modem in a bridging configuration.

Why does an sip account work and not an Ekiga account with my DSL modem? The following information found on the site might provide a clue:

" There is a STUN server running on or
    For the SIP service, STUN is not required, because there
    is a server side NAT traversal solution in place. "

Well, thanks kapetr for your invaluable help. If we were living in ancient times I'd now be obligated to give you several goats or half of my crops. Unfortunately I have neither crops nor goats. All I can give you is a 'thank you'.

All the best.

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