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I am on ArchLinux, using the latest ptlib, opal, ekiga from the Arch
repos. As well as ffmpeg. However, I do not have h264 listed as a codec in
Ekiga (I DO have iLBC as an audio codec which I believe is in the same
category of "not included by default" into Ekiga).

Everything 264 related from a debug level 4:

        dyna.cxx(139)		DYNA	Successfully loaded 'libavcodec.so'
        dyna.cxx(387)	H264	DYNA	Warning: compiled against libavcodec
headers from version 52200, loaded 52450
        dyna.cxx(390)	H264	DYNA	Successfully loaded libavcodec library and
verified functions
h264pipe_unix.cxx(301)	H264	IPC	PP: Found GPL process executable in 
x264loader_unix.cxx(114)	H264	DYNA	Trying to open x264 library
x264loader_unix.cxx(114)	H264	DYNA	Trying to open x264 library libx264.so
x264loader_unix.cxx(131)	H264	DYNA	Successfully loaded libx264.so
x264loader_unix.cxx(57)	H264	DYNA	Failed to load x264_encoder_open
h264helper_unix.cxx(127)	h264pipe_unix.cxx(d to load dynamic library -
113)	H264	IPC	PP: GPL Process returned failure on initialization - plugin
   h264-x264.cxx(838)	H264	Codec	Disabled

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