Re: [Ekiga-list] V4L/V4L2 video

On 28/12/10 00:23, Grigory Maksaev wrote:

Recently I became a happy owner of a laptop with an upside-down webcamera, which turned out to be rather a common problem.

I fixed the situation relatively easy by using "patched" libv4l libraries from Hans de Goede, so that the applications using libv4l are OK now (including Skype).

However, I'd like to move away from Skype for a number of reasons.

The problem that I faced with Ekiga is that I'm only able to get video from the webcamera if it is set up as GStreamer/V4L2, and video is of course, upside-down. Sound seems to be OK.
If I try to make camera work as PTLIB/V4L I get the error:

"Error while accessing video device USB 2.0 Camera. Your video driver doesn't support the requested video format."

Could anyone help me with this? What I need is just properly working video - either via V4L2 or V4L - it doesn't matter.

If I understand correctly, with PTLIB/V4L and V4L2 the video does not work and you have the above error, while with gstreamer/V4L2 the video works but upside-down?

This might come if libv4l is not used. Could you check that ptlib is compiled with libv4l support? In debian for ex. it is, see field Build-Depends at the top of .

Also, does it work with gstreamer?

Eugen Dedu

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