Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekliga Encryption.

On 12/26/2010 01:03 PM, Grigory Sarnitskiy wrote:
> Wikipedia ( says there is no encryption in Ekiga. I'm pretty dumb in all that security stuff, but still I want to have some level of encryption. How do I secure my conversations?
Ekiga does not support sRTP (Secure RTP) (other softphones do). 
However, if you and the person at the other end are
able to install and configure openvpn, then just connect to them
directly over the vpn tunnel, using the private IP if you don't have DNS
or hosts file, and your conversation is encrypted.  OpenVPN is available
for Windows as well as linux.  IPsec also works (and supported out of
the box for both Windows and Linux), but is trickier to configure IMHO
(I've done both).

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