Re: [Ekiga-list] Bandwidth & ISP requirements

On 07/12/10 06:51, Luis A. Guzman Garcia wrote:
Hi guys,

I was wondering about the bandwidth and ISP requirements to have an
actual good quality conversation.

I mean the recommended requirements for Ekiga to use it, besides maybe
i'm not right but seems to me that not al ISP around the globe have the
same service structure so, if i'm not wrong (again) some might not be
(compatible?) with it.

Ekiga works well with 4-8 kB/s for audio (speex16) and it took 40 kB/s for video (theora, 640x480, 30 fps), so 50 kB/s is sufficient (unless you have less than 40*8 in Preferences->Video->Codecs...)

Or am i imagining things?
Somewhere with the documentation to read about this matter?

No one, but will do it if there is some info.


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