Re: [Ekiga-list] Text display problem with Pidgin user

Hi Anthony,

Is it anything similar to this?

I get this when a user text chats me from SIP Communicator 1.0 alpha 6 on Mac OS X, to Ekiga 3.2.7 on OpenIndiana.


On 02 Dec, 2010,at 07:18 AM, Anthony Papillion <papillion gmail com> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

Just signed up for an Ekiga account and downloaded the softphone.
Mostly, I use it for SIP but today I got a text message from another
user who was using the Pidgin client to connect to the network. For
some reason, his entire message was wrapped in XML. The text was there
but I could see the entire XML message in my chat window.

Is this a configuration error on my end? A problem with Pidgin? What
can I do to fix this?


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