[Ekiga-list] Mic/speaker icon insensitive on Debian



I am using Debian Lenny and I have everything working in Ekiga except the Microphone/speaker icon is insensitive and the microphone will not work. I am using a Logitec USB web cam with a built in mic. Ekiga sees that and I have set my input to that mic, with the output set to my soundcard. I have proven the mic and sound card work by using the command line arecord/aplay test.


When I boot to a Ubuntu live cd and install Ekiga on the same system, it works. The mic/speaker icon can be clicked and the box comes up with the controls and it picks up my voice. But with Debian Lenny I cannot click on the icon or get the mic working with Ekiga.


I have tried both 3.2.5 and 3.2.6. Any help is appreciated.





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