Re: [Ekiga-list] nikolai: Wanted to know if it was okay to use ekiga 3.2.7 over my current 3.2.6

> Hi, I am running ubuntu 10.04 and wanted to know if I could upgrade my
> ekiga 3.2.6 to 3.2.7 as some bugs occur with my current version of
> 3.2.6, such as Ekiga can't receive calls after some time and some
> incoming calls won't ring but you can answer.  Since 3.2.7 is latest
> version, I figured it probably got rid of those problems so I wanted to
> know if I should update to 3.2.7?

I can second what Wiliam said: it is not worth upgrading
as these bugs are not fixed in 3.2.7 - a workaround that
seems to work for me is to restart Ekiga after every call
(sometimes killing is necessary if Ekiga stops responding).
Furthermore, 3.2.7 introduced a new bug of Ekiga not being 
able to receive calls in situations when 3.2.6 was able; 
probably something NAT related - the problem disappeared 
after downgrading to 3.2.6. 
(Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce the problem 
when calling between my own computers, so no logs/bugreport)


Sprievodca hernym svetom -

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