Re: [Ekiga-list] Nikolai Cassanova: Hi wanted to know if it is possible to register my ekiga account on sipdroid client app for android phone

On 13/08/10 08:52, Nikolai Gauntlet Cassanova wrote:
Hi, for the pass couple of weeks I have been enjoying the ability to
make and receive unlimited free calls for USA and Canada through google
voice and ekiga softphone on my ubuntu laptop and the process works
flawless.  So I wanted to add this ability to my android cell phone.

The problem is when I put my ekiga account settings into the sipdroid
client/softphone thats on my android cell phone the registration keeps
saying failed, so I wanted to know if it was first possible to register
my ekiga account through sipdroid and if it is possible what are the
proper settings I should use?

My current settings are:
Authorization Username: ghostnik11
server or proxy:
domain: blank
protocol: is TCP (I can switch it to UDP)

The protocol must be UDP for as far as I know. That's all that I know.


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