Re: [Ekiga-list] support: can't call "Echo test"

wagnerdm seas upenn edu a écrit :
> Hello all,
> I'm having a bit of trouble setting up Ekiga.  When I try to call the
> echo test number (sip:500 ekiga net), nothing happens; the "call" icon
> gets grayed out and the "hang up" icon is activated, but no sound is
> produced (even if I make noise during the entire call), and there is
> otherwise no indication that the call has succeeded in any way.  Here's
> what I've done so far:
> * Installed Ekiga 3.2.5
> * Registered an account on
> * Verified that the correct sound devices are being used
> * Verified that the account shows up as "Registered" in the
> "Accounts" dialog
> * Forwarded UDP ports 3478-3479,5000-5100 and TCP port 1720 to my
> machine, as suggested on
> * Snagged the debug output given by "ekiga -d 4" during an attempted
> call (it's short, included in full below)
> * Attempted to follow the troubleshooting guide at
> with little
> success: the very first thing it asks you to do is run the Configuration
> Assistant NAT Test, which I can't find anywhere in the Configuration
> Assistant
> Any clues would be marvelous.

AFAIK ARCH Linux ships will many codecs and Ekiga has a bad bug when too
many codecs are enbled.

Try to disable all video codecs but H261, and try to call the echo test

Best regards,

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