Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga 3.2.6 win32 compilation ( opal )

Sohil Shah wrote:
> Hi,
>    *   I am using the same versions of opal and ptlib as given in the
>      makefile by default. i.e for opal its 3.4.1 and for ptlib its

The Makefile is outdated, sorry for inconvenience.

>      2.4.1. Should I change and try to use opal 3.6.6 and ptlib 2.6.5 ?


>          o That is why I am looking for a tested makefile for win32.
>    * I was facing some compilation issues with the git checkout code of
>      ffmpeg; Is it fine if I download the tar.bz2 of ffmpeg and use
>      that only ?

Yes.  Note there are some errors if you use recent x264 code, see

>    * As Eugen said in another mail regarding the problem between
>      firewall and server for theora; Is it fine of I take
>      RC1 release ( tar.qz ) of theora and use it ?
>          o The same is the case with libiconv as well.



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