Re: [Ekiga-list] no audio/video with counterpart on line

Ennio-Sr wrote:
> * Eugen Dedu <Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr> [231009, 21:55]:
>> Ennio-Sr wrote:
>>> Hi all!
>>> I convinced my son to download ekiga for win$ows a few weeks ago and
>> .... 
>> Maybe you are hit by "larger than 1500 bytes packet" bug.  Try calling
>> 500 ekiga net after removing a few unused codecs (for ex., check on only
>> PCMA, PCMU, H261, all the other checked off).  If still does not work,
>> send us the -d 4 output gzipped.
> Hi Eugen,
> yesterday I did as you suggest: my accounts were registered but could
> not get an answer from 500 ekiga net (neither could I make a call using
> diamond.card account). (see encl. err_eki23oct.gz)
> Aa few mnutes ago I tried again, but I could not register! (see encl.
> err_eki24oct.gz).

Sorry for the delay, I was absent for ~10 days.

Looking at your output I see this:
2009/10/24 17:09:31.135	  0:01.459	StunDetector:0xb68bfb90	STUN	Error
writing to STUN server - Operation not permitted
and afterwards:
2009/10/24 17:09:33.540	  0:03.863	StunDetector:0xb68bfb90	OPAL	STUN
server "" replies Blocked, external IP

What intrigues me is the address IP of stun, have you changed it??  To
my knowledge, the stun server by default is, which is  Maybe the reason for the registration failure is that
the new address you introduced is not good.

>> On windows machine, does calling 500 work?
> No, I just asked my son (using win$owz) to test: he cold registered
> after a few attempts, but could not do the echo test!
> P:S: My post is being halted for being too-large: I'll try to send
> separately the two attachments hoping they get through.......
> OK, the smaller passed, the second (with attached err_eki23oct.gz) is
> still waiting for approval...

There is nobody to approve it...  You need to send it again, or use, as shown on the wiki (or other posts).


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