Re: [Ekiga-list] STUN support on Windows XP

Hi, thanks for the reply. I actually think it's the DSL modem that is
more likely to be the cause of the problems. Right now it appears to
be configured to use NAT, as opposed to acting as a network bridge,
and it doesn't present any configuration options through its web
interface. So the PC now is behind a double NAT :(

I've found some info on how to configure the modem:,17538756

But, unfortunately, I'm actually doing all of this setup for my
girlfriend (she's graciously giving me the opportunity to migrate her
away from Skype), and I don't have access to the DSL username and
password, which I would need to configure the router after turning the
modem into a bridge.

So, it looks like my only hope right now might be STUN. Does anyone
have any idea as to why this feature might not be exposed for me on
Ekiga 3 on Windows?

Please let me know. Thanks,


Jacob Beard wrote:

>    Hi,
>    I just installed the latest Ekiga on Windows XP. When installing, it
>    said that it was unable to automatically configure my network, and
>    directed me to the page instructing me to set up port forwarding. This
>    would be fine, except my Linksys WRT54G2 seems to be having some
>You might be better off with port triggering on that linksys: details on the ekiga wiki.


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