Re: [Ekiga-list] updated Debain Testing and Ekiga segfaults

Eugen Dedu wrote:
> H.S. wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I did an upgdate of my Debian Testing machine earlier today and now when
>> I start Ekiga, it segfaults.
>> This is on Ekiga version 2.0.12-1+nmu1+b1. Anybody have any idea what
>> happened today to cause this problem and how to fix it? Ekiga was
>> working fine till yesterday morning at least.
> I am pretty sure it is because a recent upload of pwlib, whose ekiga
> depends.  I have contacted several times ekiga team to upload the new
> version, still ekiga v3 is not yet uploaded. :o(
> Maybe you could make a lobby to them in order to upload ekiga 3
> (everything is in place, needs just upload).

I tried to file bug report in Debian for this problem, but noticed that
somebody already has filed it regarding Sid (Debian Unstable) a few
weeks ago. I chimed in too and have added that the problem is in Testing
as well now.

You seem to be right. libpt was upgraded yesterday in my machine. From
aptitude log:
[UPGRADE] libpt-1.10.10 1.10.10-2 -> 1.10.10-3
[UPGRADE] libpt-1.10.10-plugins-alsa 1.10.10-2 -> 1.10.10-3
[UPGRADE] libpt-1.10.10-plugins-v4l 1.10.10-2 -> 1.10.10-3

Also, Debian Unstable has new Ekiga added:
ekiga |    3.0.1-1

So I suppose it is just a matter of days till it trickles down to Debian



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