Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga 3.0.2 with IPP codecs doesn't connect using SIP protocol

Evan R. Murphy wrote:
2009/5/7 chaitanya mehandru <chinku linux gmail com>:
I am trying to make video call(H264 codec) using IPP codecs with Ekiga. When
I use the SIP protocol, the remote user gets the invitation and on accepting
the invitation, the call terminates. In the status bar at the bottom, I see
the 'Missed Call' message.
If I use the H323 protocol, then the call gets connected but remote video is
not available.
I am using H264 video codec and the image size for video is QCIF.
Please suggest me what to do.

Hi Chaitanya,

Are you sure the remote user has H.264? Mismatched codecs can create
the kind of video passage issue you seem to be having on the H.323
protocol. (Can you see the remote user's video in this case?) Also,
which version of Ekiga are you running, and on which OS?

With H323, only H.261 is available. So no video should be seen on *both* parties. (Please someone correct me if I am wrong.)

As for SIP case, could you send the -d 4 output?


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