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I'm the one who wrote the new web interface for I know
numeric aliases are important for our users, ufortunately I'm facing
quite a lot of troubles in my life and the developement is very, very
slow at the moment.

The source code is available here:
and a bug for this particular feature has been opened here:

but the plan is first to move the webinterface to drupal first. Still if
anyone want to add this feature in the meantime to webxser, this help
will be welcome.

Sorry for not being able to help you now,
Best regards,

Simos a écrit :
> 2009/3/25 Catalin Francu <cata francu com>:
>> Hi Simos,
>> Well, I'm new to ekiga, but if I understand correctly, each account, say
>> sip:john ekiga net, can have a numeric alias, say 1234567 ekiga net, so that
>> I can call John from an ATA (i.e., my phone has a numeric keypad, but not a
>> full keyboard). I understand this functionality used to exist, but was
>> removed sometime in 2008, along with the web-based account maintenance. I
>> just cast my vote to bring it back. :-)
>> I will look up this issue in Bugzilla, thanks for the pointer.
> I see. It looks like this issue is not an Ekiga issue but a feature in
> the SIP server at
> That is, the SIP server at could be configured to allow
> these 'numeric aliases',
> that correspond to some index number (for example, the first person
> which subscribed to is 10000, the second is 10001 and so on).
> For this, you can ask the admin at I am not sure if s/he
> reads this list.
> It could be possible for Ekiga to provide support with a smart way
> that assigns numbers to individual accounts that you may have in your
> addressbook,
> something similar to the feature you have on a mobile phone. For
> example, when you
> dial '1' and it takes you to an entry in your addressbook that you
> configured earlier.
> Such a feature would work well when you have many different SIP
> providers enabled in your Ekiga.
> If you feel this would be more reasonable, then you need to search at
> as
> instructed before.
> Hope this helps,
> Simos
>> On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 1:50 PM, Simos <simos lists googlemail com> wrote:
>>> 2009/3/25 Catalin Francu <cata francu com>:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> First of all, thanks for Ekiga! Second, I'd like to add my vote to bring
>>>> back the web interface, or at least the numeric alias feature.
>>>> As a bit of background, I am looking for a new VoIP provider for a
>>>> circle of
>>>> about 20 family and friends. We have used FreeWorldDialup in the past,
>>>> and
>>>> even paid for membership in 2008, but their service has been appalling
>>>> lately. We all use Handytone 286/386/486 ATAs, and we would like to keep
>>>> using them. Most of these people are non-technical users and they would
>>>> have
>>>> a hard time using a soft phone; besides, they are not in the habit of
>>>> keeping their computers on 24/7. Me and my brother took the time to set
>>>> up
>>>> and configure all these ATAs.
>>>> Now we would love to switch to (we have been free software
>>>> fans
>>>> for many years), but to do so, we need numerical aliases in order to
>>>> continue using ATAs and regular phones.
>>>> There are several advantages to using an ATA over a soft phone: there is
>>>> no
>>>> need to keep the computer up 24/7, we can use any phone we like (e.g. a
>>>> cordless one or an answering machine) etc. Please, bring back numeric
>>>> aliases!
>>> I am not sure what you mean with numeric aliases. Can you give an example?
>>> The way to go forward with this request is to
>>> 1. Check at
>>> is the issue has been already reported.
>>> You normally go through the bug reports and try to find a similar request.
>>> 2. If [1] was fruitful, subscribe to the bug report.
>>> 3. If [2] was not fruitful, then you can add a bug report (of the type
>>> 'feature request')
>>> and put here the URL to this bug report. Other users that are interested
>>> can subscribe to the report and add their input.
>>> Hope this helps,
>>> Simos
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