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> Date: Thursday, March 19, 2009, 3:58 PM
> Subject: audio message
> Folk,
> Sorry for the previous copy with the subject 
> not specified properly.
> A logical way to send an audio message 
> is to create a sound file and send it, 
> mime encoded, by email.  Hopefully, the 
> receiving MUA can pass the sound data 
> to a suitable interpreter with minimal 
> intervention by the recipient.
> Can Ekiga be used to encode and decode 
> the sound?  Can anyone cite or provide 
> specific instructions to send an audio 
> message?
> Thanks,        ... Peter E.
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And why do you need Ekiga or any VOIP application for that matter ?

Use any command line or GUI encoder, and attach the encoded sound file to
your Email while it's being composed using your favorite MUA (Mail User
Agent I guess ?).


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