Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga is not connecting

What does it shows, ekiga (what connection error)?

Also, send the output of -d 4, see the wiki, debugging, for more info.

Judith Meili wrote:
Ok. Which details do you need?

Eugen Dedu schrieb:
Judith Meili wrote:

Ekiga is not connecting me anymore. I cant make VOIP to normal phone calls anymore. Even if I close skype it is not working.

What do you, as a mechanic person, answer to such a question: "Help, my car does not work anymore!" Please give details...

What should I do? reinstall? If yes where do I find the adressbook to not loose the entered numbers?

You will not loose your configuration, because this is in your account, not in the system.

Reinstalling will not help, I think.

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