[Ekiga-list] ANNOUNCE - Ekiga 3.1.2 [UNSTABLE] available

This is nanother unstable release of the next 3.2 release of Ekiga. 

* What is it ?

Ekiga is a free Voice over IP softphone allowing you to do free calls
over the Internet.
Ekiga is the first Open Source application to support both H.323 and
SIP, as well as audio and video. Ekiga was formerly known as
More information can be found at http://www.ekiga.org
* Where to get it ?
Ekiga is available at:

Required librairies can be found at:
* What's changed ?

- New SBC audio codec
- Removal of the old H.263 ffmpeg plug in and enhancement of the
  H.263-1998 plug in to take its place.
- Allow compilation with CELT 0.4 and 0.5
- Allow several ALSA devices to have the same name
- STUN enabling/disabling has been readded to the GUI
- Remove white spaces from the URI (useful when copy/paste)
- Clear the URI edit box after a call
- Fixed crash when clearing call history
- Fix Windows compilation
- Fixes for tarball generation
- Fixed account data corruption when the authentication user name is
   left blank
- Fixed possible crash when answering incoming calls
- Fixed G.722 usage
- Other various fixes, cleanups, removal of deprecated symbols etc.
- Updated translations: ca, cs, da, el, en_GB, es, eu, fi, fr, he, hu,
   it, ja, ko, kn, nb, nl, pl, pt_BR, sl, sv, th, vi, zh_HK, zh_TW
- new help/eu localisation
Experimental features:
- Significant improvements in IPv6 support
- Gstreamer audio and video capture support near to be finished...
 _     Damien Sandras
//\    Ekiga Softphone : http://www.ekiga.org/
v_/_   Be IP           : http://www.beip.be/
       FOSDEM          : http://www.fosdem.org/
       SIP Phone       : sip:dsandras ekiga net

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