[Ekiga-list] Win32 port

No Win32 Ekiga 3.2.x can be downloaded from Ekiga's website. Primary reason for that is not that the website could be nicer or somebody has just to package it, but that there are still issues which a normal Win user should not be confronted with in an offical way. Therefore I provided the link to my directory at http://wwwuser.gwdg.de/~mrickma/ekiga/ unoffically for those who are willing to help to test and solve the remaining issues. I think that the Win32 exit is clean now and that the trap of starting Ekiga minimized by means of Windows is only accessible by the invited. Also providing gtk+ as an included installer seems not to conflict with The Gimp or Pidgin and it asks before upgrading.
Please test !!! Then the Win32 port can become offical.

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