Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga Speaker wanted Jan 7 BerkeleyTIP via VOIP meeting- HowTo Compile E3 for KUbuntu 8.04

I realize that compiling E3 on Kubuntu 8.04 will be the best thing to do rather than using Kubuntu 8.10. I have also compiled E3 on Gnome 8.04 recently as well and the app is running fine with H264 enabled. I will start working towards E3 on Kubuntu 8.04 and keep sending updates.


On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 1:26 PM, john_re <john_re fastmail us> wrote:
Hi Ekiga project Leaders, Developers, & community.  :)

I am looking for someone to give a talk about:
HowTo Compile Ekiga 3 for KUbuntu 8.04 (plus GNU(Linux) in general)

Might _you_ be interested in giving such a talk?  Do you know someone
who might be?  (If so, please pass this message on to them.)

The talk will be to the attendees of the BerkeleyTIP global monthly
on February 7, 2009, Saturday,
preferably at 12N California, USA Pacific time, -8h GMT, (IIRC),
[= 3P EasternUS = 8PM GMT],
using the BTIP VOIP meeting system.

The speaker may give this talk from anywhere in the world, using their
VOIP technology.

BerkeleyTIP is a monthly global meeting about GNU(Linux), BSD & all
Freedom SW & HW.  People can join the meeting using the VOIP conference.
 We mostly use Ekiga SW & the VOIP meeting service.

I started this meeting in June 2008, & have been gradually building it
up via announcements to LUGs & SW group email lists.  My current
announcements mostly go to the USA LUGs, plus Debian & CLUG in South
Africa.  Over the next several months I hope to get announcements to
European LUGS.

I'd expect perhaps 5-10 attendees at the main Berkeley location, plus
1-10 remote attendees via VOIP.

Everyone, everywhere in the world, is welcome to attend.  The meeting is
Free, no charge.

We have been mostly using Ekiga 2 SW.  I see version 3 is out, & would
like to get the BTIP community enabled to use version 3, if it has
important new features.

(One important feature we'll look into trying in the next several months
is video/webcam communication ability.)

Since I'm using KUbuntu 8.4, & that's the distro I recommend to people,
I'd like to hear a talk focusing primarily on compiling & getting E 3 to
work on that platform.  But, some info about other distros would be
useful, too.

I envision a perfect talk including approximately:
10 min background on Ekiga, history present future,
10 min HowTo compile in general,
10 min specifics on compiling for KUbuntu 8.4
10 min audience compile Q&A,
10 min general Q&A & discussion.

What questions do you have?
Are you interested in giving this talk?

Thanks :)
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