[Ekiga-list] Revisited: Newbie, help: Account mgmt problems

Please igonre my previous post - there was a single, really bad typo.

I have a setup with four SIP providers, the last most used. Once configured, everything works OK. But if I exit Ekiga, and later restart it, the account data for my last account is corrupted: The password has became "Authentication user", the timeout is some random value.

In this situation my client obviously can't connect to the sip provider, I can verify this on the server side. However, the Accounts window still presents the account as "Registered". Needless to say, I can't call using the provider.

If I rectify the data it works again. However, if I invoke the Edit dialog for this account and closes it without changing anything (data OK) the account becomes "Unregistered". Invoking Edit Account again, closing with same data restores the account to "Registered"

In short, a mess. Has anyone out there a clue to what's going on?


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