Re: [Ekiga-list] (no subject)

Le dimanche 25 janvier 2009 à 11:41 -0500, Ed McAndrews a écrit :
> Dear Ekiga,
> Would you please stop sending Ekiga Hate literature in my name?  It is
> interesting to learn more about Ekiga, but what does this have to do
> with hatred of the jews or palestineians?  
> Please stop the hatred in the Ekiga literature!
> Ed McAndrews              edmcandrews gmx net
> _______________________________________________


This is not from Ekiga's team, or from Gnome, not even from the sender,
this is just spam. The mail was forged.

Wikipedia refers to this as email spoofing:

Spam is sometimes hard to fight. I hope too this will stop.

Best regards,

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