[Ekiga-list] plugins for video


Yesterday Coriander in Debian Lenny succeeded 
in showing an image from a Unibrain Fire-i camera.
Yet Ekiga 3.0.1 fails to detect a video device.

remarks "Install them [plugins] accordingly to 
your needs."  Well libpt-1.10.10 is installed 
and aptitude installed libpt2.4.2 automatically.

Can anyone offer more specific advice about 
requirements to support video in this environment?

Thanks,          ... Peter E.

P.S. I posted a message with a link to debug output 
concerning other problems with 3.0.1 about a week ago.  
If that failed to reach the list and it still has 
any value, please let me know.

http://carnot.yi.org/ = http://carnot.pathology.ubc.ca/

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