Re: [Ekiga-list] Using ekiga 3 in "real life"

> - Ekiga 3 cannot detect "small webcam" which is working perfectly
> under Ekiga 2. On my laptop, Ekiga 3 says that the webcam driver
> doesn't support "the color profile". On my girlfriend's laptop, it
> says that "it cannot open SN9C1xx PC" (it seems that it still thinks
> he's using "big webcam"). small webcam is working perfectly with Ekiga
> 2, Cheese and every Gstreamer application. but it's not working at all
> with ekiga 3 on both PC.

I suspect your webcam driver is using the V4L (version 1) API, thus you
need to install the PTLIB plugin for V4L1
In my PPA, the package's name for this plugin is

In repository it is:

No, under Ekiga 2, this webcam is working perfectly with V4L2 (and not with V4L). It's the same under Gstreamer application.  This really looks like a regression.

The error, in french, is :

Erreur lors de l'ouverture du périphérique vidéo CIF Single Chip    

Votre pilote ne semble prendre en charge aucun des formats de couleurs pris en charge par Ekiga.
Veuillez lire la documentation de votre pilote noyau pour déterminer quelle palette est prise en charge.

(Thanks for your answer, I will respond to the rest but I still need to test all your suggestions :-) )

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