[Ekiga-list] Cannot detect audio device


      I download the source and build ptlib-2.4.1, opal-3.4.1 and ekiga-3.0.0, respectively. It works fine, but when I start ekiga, it cannot detect the audio device properly. Both Ring device and output device are "SILENT". The debug message says,

2009/01/06 18:22:43.981      0:39.473                      ekiga    AudioOutputCoreDetected Device: SILENT (Ekiga/Ekiga)
2009/01/06 18:22:43.983      0:39.475                      ekiga    AudioInputCore    Detected Device: NULL (NULL/NULL)
2009/01/06 18:22:43.984      0:39.476                      ekiga    Detecting V4L2 devices
2009/01/06 18:22:43.984      0:39.476                      ekiga    PV4L2Plugin    detected device metadata at /sys/class/video4linux/
2009/01/06 18:22:44.060      0:39.552                      ekiga    VidInputCore    Detected Device: Moving Logo (Moving Logo/Moving Logo)
2009/01/06 18:22:44.060      0:39.552    VideoPrevi...0xb4e78b90    AdaptiveDelay    Skipped 1 frames
2009/01/06 18:22:44.060      0:39.552    GMVideoOut...0xb59a3b90    GMVideoOutputMan

      I tried the same thing on both ubuntu 8.10 and 8.04 and they all end up the same problem. However, using "apt-get install ekiga", everything works great! Why is that? Is there anything missing in my manually build image?

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