Re: [Ekiga-list] Problem with SIP registration in Ekiga

On Sun, 04 Jan 2009 21:41:18 +1000, Uditha M de Soysa <uditha madusanka gmail com> wrote:


I'm using ekiga 2.0.12 in Ubuntu 8.10. I have problem with connecting to
my SIP account. Sometimes it connects. sometimes it doesn't. I'm using NAT
traverdsal 'STUN', and STUN server ''.

ANd im using a HSPA connection for internet

I have enable the ip_port_forwarding to '1' too.

Pls, help me on this situation.

I have just upgraded to 3.0.1. I can recommend this path if you can.
In the process of setting up to register with my new provider I did a test to,which worked.
When I tried to register with my provider it failed.
So I removed the account and it still failed.
I then ran wireshark(also recommended to see what is going on) and found that my register process was still trying to use the stun server.
To remove this you have to use gconf-editor. See previous posts.
Not sure why it was failing when it used the stun server, but it looked like it might have been a timing thing.

Now my router has the uPnP facility, which enables applications to find there way through the NAT(if started from inside), also my provider does not require a stun server. Not sure if this was required, in any event the next time I tried to register it worked and has been working ever since.
So what I am suggesting is removing the stun server may be worthwhile.

I also note that  you say your connection works 'sometimes'.
I guess there could be many circumstances for this, but his is one and is easy to check.

I shut ekiga down once and it would not reregister.
On checking my router I found that it was still holding the listening port up, in my case that was port 5065 but it is normally 5060. I just waited for the timeout in the router and ekiga reregistered straight away. So you could check how long your router holds a port up for after it has been disconnected.

As always YMMV with any of the above, because I cannot see what is actually going on.
However, I say again it is worth getting to know wireshark.


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