Re: [Ekiga-list] Is there any registration delay when creating new accounts?

Le jeudi 01 janvier 2009 à 16:26 -0200, Federico Tello Gentile a écrit :
> El jue, 01-01-2009 a las 14:17 +0100, yannick escribió:
> > My guess is the timeout is due to another reason. To know what this
> > reason is, we need a debug output from ekiga when this happen; following
> > those instructions:
> >
> > 
> I think I got some helpfull output.
> I get lots of "No route to host": MonSock Socket read UDP error (113):
> No hay ruta hacia el host
> This happens when there's no firewall running (i don't have NAT, i have
> a public IP, 190.188.x.x). I even had port 5060 open for incoming
> connections when the firewall was running.
> I get the same message when trying to register unsuccessfully and when
> already registered and calling the echo test. This time the ekiga status
> bar tell me there's no route to host, not only the debug output.
> It is not permanent, sometimes i can call the echo test and even the
> call back test.
> Maybe my ISP is eating UDP traffic?

It seems so.

Does ping work all the time ?
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