Re: [Ekiga-list] no incoming calls behing an ADSL modem

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 3:49 PM, H. S. <hs samix gmail com> wrote:

I have just convinced a few of my friends to move from Skype to Ekiga.

While testing with one of them, we noticed that he can call me sucessfully but I cannot call him. If I try calling his sip address, I get a message in the status "Remote user is unreachable". That user is behing a modem which is working in pppoe mode. His computer computer has a private address. While configure Ekiga, the stun was selected in the network setting. His computer is Ubuntu Hardy, Ekiga 2.0.12.

How do we go about solving this problem?

PS: With echo cancellation off, the voice quality is at least as good as we get with Skype. Good job, ekiga devels! But with echo cancellation on, the quality is not as good. Proving that the suggestion in online docs to use headsets is a good once :)

hmm ... he restarted Ekiga and now I am able to call him, even across the pppoe ADSL modem. Looks like a restart of Ekiga fixed something. Does that show what could have been missed?

Sorry for all the noise.


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