[Ekiga-list] ekiga beginner questions


I have an Ekiga account but haven't used it much so far. I use Ekiga on Debian Testing and Unstable. I plan to ask some of my friends and relatives to get Ekiga account too. They use Windows XP and Ubuntu (Hardy, Intrepid).

So far the above contacts have been using Skype and Yahoo Messenger. With this background, I have a few questions regarding Ekiga.

1. Does it support encryption? From google search it appears like it was supposed to from 3.0 onwards.

2. Does it support photo sharing (like in Yahoo Messenger). Not a deal breaker but it would go a long in shifting people who use Yahoo Messenger completely to Ekiga if it did. If it does not at present, any future plans?

3. It is any more difficult to setup and use than Skype through consumer router or modem (NAT)? I have no problem configuring my router machine (which runs iptables) for this, but I do not want to put other users in this situation.

4. Can it be used on Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), Windows and also on Mac OSX?


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