[Ekiga-list] Logitech cameras for use with Ekiga for Windows?

Are any of the currently available Logitech cameras (list follows) known to work with the current version of Ekiga for Windows? (I've seen the list on the wiki; perhaps someone has more recent experience since that list was compiled.)

QuickCam E 2500
QuickCam E 3500
QuickCam Connect
QuickCam for Notebooks
QuickCam E 3500 Plus
QuickCam S 5500
QuickCam Deluxe for Notebboks
QuickCam S 7500
QuickCam Communicate STX
QuickCam Communicate MP
QuickCam Communicate Deluxe
QuickCam Pro for Notebooks
QuickCam Pro 9000
QuickCam Sphere AF
QuickCam Orbit AF
QuickCam Vision Pro

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