Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga and SIP - question

Le samedi 12 décembre 2009 à 01:23 +0100, johny jj2 a écrit :

I asked some question here
and they suggested me to try Ekiga. And I've got question about it.

I'd like to create little PBX system such that user calls special
number from mobile phone, this number connects him to server with
Asterisk (server) + ScribbleJ (plugin) + Sphinx4 (speech recognition).
To be able to call server, I need to have this special number. I'm not
so familiar with this whole SIP but it looks like I can obtain this
number from Ekiga because it is SIP provider.

Is it possible with Ekiga? will not allow this. Diamondcard or any other ITSP will allow it, because they provide real numbers in various countries.

 _     Damien Sandras
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