Re: [Ekiga-list] Two ekiga logins on the same PC won't work?

Two instances of Ekiga on the same PC cannot work, but you may also have the same problem if you have two PC's each running Ekiga behind the same home router.
Your public IP address is used to register the Ekiga instance. There is only one for the PC, and also only one for your home router. If a call was coming in, to which PC, or instance of Ekiga would the protocol go?
The second problem is H.323 uses port 1720 as the Q.931 listening port. If one instance of Ekiga has used this port, the other instance of Ekiga cannot.
A programming solution would be to have configurable port profiles if an instance of Ekiga was already running. Behind a home router this gets quite tricky as you may have to install a static IP on your PC and program your router to use port forwarding. ALG generally solves the problem for you when you use standard H.323 ports.
SIP generally uses port 5060. The same issues for port use also apply here.
Hope this answers your question. We need to make Ekiga more tolerant of other videophone presence.

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