[Ekiga-list] Ekiga Address Book Conversion issues

I was an Ekiga 2 user in Ubuntu 8.10, and have tried migrating to Ekiga 3 in Ubuntu 9.04.  It works, but my contacts, which I added through the Ekiga 2 interface, are missing their phone numbers.  The contacts are there, and the phone numbers show in Evolution, but there is no way to use those phone numbers in Ekiga.  I couldn't find an existing bug report but I did find two other people reporting this issue on the mailing list:


I have the exact same issue as these people.  Is this a known issue?  I'm afraid to go back through the effort of re-adding all my contacts to make Ekiga 3 useful, as there must be an easier way of doing this.  The roster looks interesting, but I don't see any way of exporting it or backing it up (I'd really like the ability to dump my Evolution address book into the Ekiga Roster so I don't have to use Evolution). 

I did a little investigating, and it looks like the problem is that Ekiga 2 put the phone numbers into a field Evolution is calling "Video Chat".  Ekiga doesn't display all the available contact info fields from Evolution, and this is one of the fields Ekiga isn't using.  Adding a phone number in the Mobile Phone Number field in Ekiga 3 places it in a different location on the Evolution contact card. 

The information in the Video Chat field on the Personal Information tab in Evolution was filled in automatically by Ekiga 2.  The phone number in the Mobile Phone field on the Contact tab in Evolution was filled in automatically by Ekiga 3 (after I typed the number into the Ekiga contact card manually). 

Hope this is helpful.

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