[Ekiga-list] Feature Request: Support E164.org DynDNS API or Remote Management Protocol


we all know we can map E164 numbers to SIP addresses by using ENUM. But what about road warriors
or people with dynamic IPs? Currently they have to use a Dynamic DNS service like DynDNS.org and
add NAPTR records to their ENUM number in E164.org.

But there are  much easier ways - both, the DynDNS API
"http://www.e164.org/wiki/DynDNS?highlight=(dyndns)" and the Remote Management Protocol
"http://www.e164.org/wiki/RemoteManagementProtocol"; allow to update NAPTR records automatically.

So I suggest to implement functions in Ekiga to automatically add/update a NAPTR record in
E164.org's DNS system to the current IP address and SIP port of the Ekiga client.

Have phun with Ekiga


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