Re: [Ekiga-list] Debian Experimental Package (ekiga 3.0.1) - Delete old account?

Le mercredi 08 avril 2009 à 21:15 +0200, David a écrit :

> It is similar to the messages from the old package. Then the ekiga 
> window reports a timeout.
> The next thing is that I got a new SIP address at, and it was 
> the same. So now I want to delete my old account. How can I do that?
> As the problem with the old and the new ekiga package seems to be the 
> same, I feel that the new package in my system overall works quite good. 
> Maybe the machine that I have at present time is too slow (PIII, 800 MHz)?

Then it reports a cone nat when it is not. Is there a way for you to
sniff the trafic ?
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