Re: [Ekiga-list] Could not register (Requested terminated) w/ ekiga-3.2

Mounir Lamouri wrote:

I'm the -not yet official- Gentoo package maintainer of ekiga-3 and I
have an issue I can't resolve. This issue looks to be linked with
ekiga-3.2 (or opal-3.6.1 ?).

Here is the symptoms :
- I launch ekiga-3.2 and a SIP service I have is registering correctly
_but_ SIP service doesn't work.
- I can use my other SIP service but I can't use SIP service.

You can argue I'm using Gentoo and some compilation flag just break it BUT:
- When I try to use ekiga at my univeristy both SIP services are working.
- My girlfriend, at home, can use ekiga-3.0.2 for Windows with the SIP service.

In my last place (just moved in) I was not able to make ekiga-3.1
registering to but ekiga-3.0.2 was.

I'm surely not alone with this issue.
Two weeks ago, a user write on this list complaining about the same
issue [1] and no one give him an answer.
In the Gentoo bug dedicated to ekiga-3, some guys complained about the
same issue [2].

I think ekiga or opal changed something about connection but I can't get
what. I can't change my router configuration because I'm using a
residential connection. However, even if it's linked to some port
forwarding, we can consider having it working with 3.0.2 and not working
with 3.1/3.2 is surely a regression bug.

Can someone give a hint about this issues ?

Thank you,
Mounir / volkmar

[2] (starting from
this comment)

Hi Mounir,

In [1] the problem, as shown in the answers, is that it tries to register a private address. The question (bug?) is why does it try to register with this address? I have just replied to that post, hoping it can be solved...

For [2]: should the xcap patch be applied upstream? What is the relation between (first comments of) [2] and connection issues?

Could you attach the -d 4 output for 3.2.0?


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