Re: [Ekiga-list] Ubuntu packages for Ekiga 3.0 (Gutsy, Hardy and Intrepid)

On Monday 29 September 2008 01:07:33 Andre Robatino wrote:
> Luis Davila wrote:
> > hi, i installed in kubuntu hardy and the diagnostic:
> > - i needed install V4L plugins manually for recognize creative notebook
> > webcam
> > - i needed run the druid configuration wizard because all sound config
> > was marked like SILENT or NULL.. after that always was ok, so
> > - the 500 ekiga net call was placed without problems, even video...BUT
> >
> > - with a real call between another ekiga user under windows version
> > and me the voice was perfect but not video.  The webcam is recognized
> > but not functionally during the call
> I and my father have a similar problem with video with the Ekiga 2.0.12
> in Fedora 9.  We both have the same model UVC webcam.  For each of us,
> the 500 ekiga net call usually works normally with both audio and video.
>  But with rare exceptions, video does not work in either direction if
> either of us calls the other, though audio is fine.  My suspicion has
> been that it's a kernel bug since I've seen some flaky behavior
> associated with various applications accessing the webcam.  The uvcvideo
> driver was only recently included in the kernel.  Which driver does your
> webcam use and is it considered stable?

hi, after somedays absent... my webcam is a Creative Notebook PD1170, 
recognized like PD1171 (but works fine), device V4L and i have 
info.linux.driver "gspca".  With ekiga 2.0.12 works fine, with the same 
driver.  I reinstalled ekiga 2.0.12 because the usability of 3.0 is not good 
for me.  

I finded some "small" differences between this 2 versions:
- the information from names of my addressbook was lost, I use KUBUNTU (after 
reinstall 2.0.12 version I find them)
- the GUI is less responsive, for example, when i send a sms (with pc-to-phone 
account with diamondcard) there are, sometimes, a longtime before appear the 
window for the message

these bugs are fixed in the snapshot version? or in the 3.0.1 test deb package 
if there are one?


P.S. sorry if there are some copies for same email, i had an error in my smtp 
server and identities configuration.. oups..


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