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>> A lot of people are using SIP with my provider with both
>> phones and soft phones
> Perhaps they simply don't use stun at all ?

They simply use different stun servers with Ekiga.net and/or other SIP 
providers/services, and sometimes they also use other SIP accounts without 
STUN support.

We know that stun.ekiga.net <-> stun.voxgratia.org = IP Address 

Such IP Address belongs to a public subnet assigned from FASTWEB to a 
corporate customer, as You can check on RIPE Whois DB :
inetnum: -
netname:      FASTWEB-Reitek
descr:        Reitek public subnet
country:      IT
admin-c:      GC4384-RIPE
tech-c:       IRS2-RIPE
status:       ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:       FASTWEB-MNT

FASTWEB users mainly have a Hidden/Dynamic NAT M-1 connection towards 
Internet, but they don't have to go outside FASTWEB network in order to 
connect to stun.ekiga.net ;).

Therefore stun.ekiga.net directly 'sees' the MAN private IP from which the 
packets are originated = it identifies such IP as an External one, even 
though the MAN IP Address is unreachable from Internet users (because of NAT 

There isn't indeed any NAT between Marco's endpoint and the stun server = 
NAT socket creation fails & Contact-Field always show the MAN IP as You can 
see from his logs :
Initial interface list: [00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:01] 
<00-00-00-00-00-00> (lo) [fe:80:00:00:00:00:00:00:02:22:15:ff:fe:22:b9:8c] 
<00-22-15-22-B9-8C> (eth0)
STUN server "stun.ekiga.net" replies Open NAT, external IP
Cannot create socket using NAT type Open NAT
Created bundled UDP socket
Contact: <sip:struzzo 5 255 56 38:5060;transport=udp>

Marco couldn't use STUN with his FASTWEB connection, but in such case he 
should have a client+service, that uses also the private/NAT addresses from 
which the IP packets are originated instead of that one supplied in the SIP 

If I'm not wrong, You are not doing so on Ekiga.net because it would only 
work with special numbers but not with other users, and so people would have 
the wrong impression that everything is setup correctly when it is not the 

Therefore I suggest that Marco should go on using his Ekiga.net account with 
STUN support, but with a different server = stun servers outside from 
FASTWEB network will 'see' his connections incoming from the NAT-R Public IP 
Address & will recognize it as the external IP :
* http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/STUN
- stun.fwdnet.net (no XOR_MAPPED_ADDRESS support)
- stun.ideasip.com (no XOR_MAPPED_ADDRESS support)
- stun01.sipphone.com (no DNS SRV record)
- stun.softjoys.com (no DNS SRV record) (no XOR_MAPPED_ADDRESS support)
- stun.voipbuster.com (no DNS SRV record) (no XOR_MAPPED_ADDRESS)
- stun.xten.com
- stunserver.org
- stun.sipgate.net:10000
- numb.viagenie.ca (XOR_MAPPED_ADDRESS with rfc3489bis magic number ID)

In case You should need it, this is the full-updated map of FASTWEB MAN 
Private IP Addresses = as You can see, FASTWEB is using (or better abusing) 
of Unallocated/Reserved IANA Ranges and also has some overlapping with 
Public Assigned/Allocated Ranges :
MAN Milano                 - IP  1.x.x.x
MAN Milano Hinterland NORD - IP  2.x.x.x
MAN Genova                 - IP  5.x.x.x
MAN Trento/Veneto          - IP 11.x.x.x -> May 93   DoD Intel Information 
MAN Milano Hinterland SUD  - IP 14.x.x.x -> Feb 08   switched from IANA PDN 
to IANA Reserved
MAN Marche                 - IP 21.x.x.x -> Jul 91   DDN-RVN
MAN Grosseto               - IP 22.x.x.x -> May 93   Defense Information 
Systems Agency
MAN Roma                   - IP 23.x.x.x
MAN Toscana                - IP 27.x.x.x
MAN Biella/Torino          - IP 28.x.x.x -> Jul 92   DoD Network Information 
MAN Triveneto              - IP 29.x.x.x -> Jul 91   Defense Information 
Systems Agency
MAN Bari                   - IP 31.x.x.x
MAN Sicilia                - IP 36.x.x.x
MAN Bologna                - IP 37.x.x.x
MAN Napoli                 - IP 39.x.x.x
MAN Torino                 - IP 41.x.x.x -> Apr 05   AfriNIC (moving users 
to 28.x.x.x)
MAN Reggio Emilia          - IP 42.x.x.x
MAN Sardegna               - IP 51.x.x.x -> Aug 95   Deparment of Social 
Security of UK

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