Re: [Ekiga-list] About Ekiga deb packages

Mike Massonnet wrote:
Le Wed, 01 Oct 2008 12:00:29 +0200,
Eugen Dedu <Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr> a écrit :

Mike Massonnet wrote:
Hi Eugen,

I had like to know what is going to happen with the Debian packages
now that is empty.

I am working right now to the released versions of ptlib, opal and

About the snapshots: I will revive them as soon as I finish the
released versions above, I hope in a few days at max.

Why?  Is it just for info or do you want to help?

(CC to ekiga ML)


I'm interested into the released version.  Not sure how I could help,
there are only Build-deps version to fix, right?

Build-deps, Deps, change version, remove a patch for SVN, use the new .tar.gz instead of svn, modify get-orig-source target accordingly, add a man page for simpleopal, change version number to allow automatic upgrade when debian official packages are available, and the various checks that all is fine...

They will be available this evening on snapshots Web page/repository.


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